Commercial Application:


1.            Renew Joule LLC ( "RJ" ) will invest 15.7 million USD to build its 10.4

              megawatts (MWs) CLVHT plant on power purchase agreement

              (PPA) basis. PPA length will be a minimum of 20 years.

2.           Basic model is 10.4 MWs minimum. Production can be increased in

              multiplication of 10.4MWs.

3.           RJ will supply a useable minimum 90% of PPA. (That is, 9.36MWs from

              10.4MWs plant.)

4.          Client pays a monthly invoice based on usage. Client has to 

             buy minimum 80% of PPA

5.          Plant will be setup next to client's premises or on client's premises. For 

             construction, O&M, 2000 square meters land required for 10.4MW

             CLVHT plant. 200 square meters per MW which includes switch yard

             and operation-and-maintenance (O&M) area.

6.          All statutory permission to build CLVHT plant will be taken by RJ.

7.           All statutory permission of usage of electricity will be taken by client.

8.          In PPA model, RJ will charge up to net 0.05 USD (5 cents) per kWh (unit),

             which includes all taxes, transmission charges, etc.

9.           If client wants to own the CLVHT plant, RJ will charge O&M 0.02 USD ( 2

             cents ) per kwh (unit). In this option, technology rights will be remain with

             RJ (RJ alone provides O&M).

10.         RJ will operate and maintain CLVHT plant for 20 years. 

11.          RJ will reserve rights to sell or use surplus electricity

12.         RJ will assist to setup fast electric vehicles charging stations, hydrogen

             production and storage facilities (extra charge).

13.         CLVHT plant will work at any altitude and  temperature +176°F to -76°F

             +80°C to -60°C )

14.         Construction will take 9 months, including 30 days trial period with load                and without load.