CLVHT applied in Microgrid

Use  In  Micro Grid

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Group Captive CLVHT for Industrial Area:

We can setup small- or medium-sized CLVHTs in industrial areas as per demand which save wheeling charges, save from transmission and distribution loss; net to client cost will not be more than USD 0.05 per kwh. We will setup complete microgrids for clients.

*Microgrid is a localized grouping of electricity sources  and loads that normally operates, connected to and         synchronous with, the traditional centralized electrical      grid (macro grid), but can disconnect and function            autonomously as physical and/or economic conditions 


*By this way, it paves a way to effectively integrate              various sources of distributed generation (DG),                    especially Renewable Energy Sources (RES). It also            provides a good solution for supplying power in case of    an emergency by having the ability to change between      islanded mode and grid-connected mode.

*On the other hand, control and protection are big            challenges in this type of network configuration, which      is generally treated as a hierarchical control.

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Captive CLVHT Power Plant for Heavy Industry, eliminates transmission and distribution charges and losses.

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For electric vehicle charging station, we can setup a CLVHT to supply green electricity at cheapest price 24 hours per day.  

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For Military Base Camp in extremely cold or hot weather, CLVHT can work at -60°C (-76°F) to 80°C (176°F) temperatures. It eliminates expensive transportation of other fuels. 

Surplus electricity at night can make water with Atmospheric Water Generator AWG technology, costing per litre only US$ 0.023.