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Our proprietary design started in our engineers’ minds years ago, years filled with designing, testing, and testing, and testing, and costing.  Ultimately, we achieved the fully operational, efficient, economically sensible design that is available to the world today.


The many hours and skills we invested in the Closed Loop Vertical HydroTower Turbine ("CLVHT") was by many talented engineers who, while unnamed here, were critical to bringing this concept to operation.  This team continues for implementation and enhancement.  Ours is a cross-continental venture (USA & South America, India, Asia, Africa, Australia, even Antarctica is possible).


Some  Of  The  Team  Members Who Make  It  Happen:

Engineers: Our engineers brought their experience, engineering creativity, and design to fruition in the CVLHT.  In years of leading innovative techniques, our engineers learned how to make the impossible possible, and economically feasible.  They are continuously driving innovation and progress for us and, thereby, the world.

Mr. Jim Quinlan: Mr. Quinlan applied his years of experience in innovative financial and structural solutions to business issues – securities compliance, fund raising, process, and taxes  (built on degrees in accounting and US law) – in start-ups, long-standing major developers, and  investment funds. He has fueled the impact that CLVHT brings to the market and continues to create as we better the energy world.  Mr. Quinlan builds our efficient and effective development and operating system that foresees needs.




Mr. Balwinder Singh:  Mr. Singh is an experienced mechanical engineer with wide experience in the fields of Energy, Construction, Marketing, and Corporate Finance. Mr. Singh's expertise complements Renew Joule's acknowledged reputation in the energy sector and bolsters the services  which we provide to our clients.



Ms. Cornelia Lattka:  Ms. Lattka is an experienced Architect and Interior Designer, graduate of the College of Applied Arts, Heiligenamm, Germany, (degrees in engineering for Architecture and Interior Design.1996), who brings creative expertise to our team.  She is an expert: in making the concept design as best achieves the client's request; in the supervision of the execution of the request; in project development; in generating ideas for creative technologies; in clarifying technical questions for the execution team; and, in employing CAD program Vector works in both Windows and Apple platforms.  She is fluent in Russian, English, and German (native tongue).


We are an aspiring renewable energy generation company. We have sophisticated energy generation methodology. We started in India. We have offices in India, Oman, and the USA.

We have achieved our goal to provide power that is economical, sustainable, and nature friendly, getting power to any location and under any conditions.  We will continue cutting edge progress in all our proprietary designs.

Besides retail and industrial users, we envision the future to include creating a better micro-grid infrastructure for Electric Vehicles' charging stations.